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Esophyx - to treat acid reflux (GERD)

Esophyx is a trans oral incisionless endoscopic procedure that reconstructs the valve at the top of the stomach that helps prevents acid reflux.

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Esophyx is an example of NOTES surgery (Natural Orifice TransEndoscopic Surgery). Because of this there are NO incisions. The procedure is done using a scope placed via the mouth while the patients are under general anesthesia.

Prior to surgery

Depending on your age and medical condition you will be required to undergo preoperative testing. This may include blood work, x-rays, and an electrocardiogram. The office will arrange this and give you instructions when you schedule your surgery. Patients will also be given a prescription for pain medication. It is recommended that you fill this prescription prior to the day of surgery. It is very important that you do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night prior to surgery. This includes coffee, water, mints, gum, candies. You may ingest only a small sip of water with your morning medications. Dr. Fusco's office staff will advise you when to arrive at the hospital or surgery center. Since the procedures scheduled prior to yours may be longer or shorter than anticipated, we ask that you remain available prior to your arrival time so that you can by contacted and informed of any changes in your surgery time.

Conduct of the operation

The surgery is done while the patient is under general anesthesia. The procedure takes between one and two hours. The procedure is preformed at Holmes Regional Medical Center. Patients are typically discharged the following day.


Patients are able to resume normal activity after discharge. Patients are started on a modified soft diet which is advanced to a regular diet as tolerated.

Click here to download the post esophyx food guide.

Patients are seen in the office 2 weeks after surgery for a postoperative check, but patients are encouraged to contact the office sooner if they have any questions or problems. Dr. Fusco requests you contact the office for any of the following:

Patients experiencing any difficulty breathing, chest pain, change in level of consciousness, or loss of vision or strength should promptly call 911 for transport to the nearest emergency department.

Risks of procedure

These risks are likely to happen less than 1% of the time.

Additional information : makers of the esophyx device